Not pleased, but not surprised

This past Sunday was the Hoogerheide World Cup, the GP Adrie Van der Poel, a classic. It has been the World Cup right before the World Championships for a number of years and the home of the World Championships in 2009.

It is a great course and this year was no exception. It ran differently what I’ve ridden in the past and wasn’t nearly as boggy muddy, but it was really hard. The were some fast sections, some muddy grinding sections, ruts, and hard pedaling.

Derrick told me my goal should be to be in front of him at the end of the first lap. And guess where I was at the end of the first lap? Yup, I was in front of Derrick. Now, he really didn’t have a great first lap, but I was still in front of him. I had a killer start, passing what felt like half the field, avoiding crashes left, right, and center, and felt like I was really “in the race”. I also managed to be just wheels behind JPows. He also had a bad start with a big crash, but still.

From the end of that first lap, things just kept getting slower. I distinctly remember Kurt yelling at me from the pit, “You have to hurt yourself!” That’s what I did. I just kept pedaling as hard as I could all day. I felt like I ripped my right rectus femoris in two. I drove my bike as well as I could. Despite not racing as many laps as I would have liked, I had fun. I enjoyed it. I was smiling, suffering, and just happy to be riding my bike. I really wasn’t pleased with my result and not getting to finish the race, but after the last couple months of beatings I’ve learned that this is where I am right now so I’m not all that surprised.

Thanks everyone for all your support. It’s great. I’m incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learned and all the opportunities I’ve had. So thank you! I will continue to work, learn, improve and one day pass all that on to all the athletes I get to work with and help!

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